Kristol Coker
Ridgeline Studios
5240 Heatherwood
Pocatello, Idaho 83204


I grew up in Clear Lake City, Texas. Nestled between Houston and
Galveston I experienced both coastal Texas and metropolitan life while
enjoying small town America. I spent my childhood vacations with
family in Estes Park, Colorado. The abundance of wildlife and the
access to the beauty of the Rocky Mountain National Forest were a
sharp contrast to the concrete jungle the Houston area had become.

I attended the University of Arkansas, where I met my husband. We
lived throughout the South for sixteen years; and raised four
children. Our college years in the
Ozark Mountains led us to search
for a similar college town to settle down in f
or the remainder of our
careers; that journey led us to Pocatello, Idaho where we have lived
for the past fourteen years.

I have spent the last six years studying sculpture at Idaho State
University. I operate as a studio assistant within the sculpture
department where I explore new patina techniques and cast bronzes for
commission. My work is decidedly figurative; I strive to create
pieces that imbue a sense of fluidity and movement. Living along the
Southern coast has given me a sense of the natur
al rhythm that
encompasses us, encouraging each of us to become more deeply connected
to the world around us.

                       Ascendance                                                                  Spirit Elated

                              Hidden                                                                               Origins

                                Mayan Radiance                                            Mayan Radiance (close up)